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Goats Milk Formula - Bundle of 10
Goats Milk Formula - Bundle of 10

Goats Milk Formula - Bundle of 10

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Designed by Nature's Goats Milk formula was developed using the best wholesome organic ingredients. Our goats' milk solution is a great source of protein and contains less lactose than cow’s milk, as well more calcium, vitamins and potassium. The perfect source of health for your baby.

  • Easier to digest and reduces gastric gas
  • High in calcium, (omega 3) fatty acids & unsaturated fats
  • Low in cholesterol and contains less allergenic proteins



Organic Goat Milk Powder, Sweet Dairy Whey, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Cod Liver Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Acerola powder, Lactose, Gelatin, Nutritional Yeast, Protease Enzyme Complex.


Includes 10 12oz pouches.
Each 12oz pouch yields 96 Fluid ounces.

Add desired amount of water to formula powder (2 fl oz. of water to 1 unpacked level scoop). Mix and keep refrigerated. Some separation is normal. Shake to mix before feeding. Use within 24 hours to capture the most nutritional value and is best used while warm.